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Sega Genesis Codes (D- thru -F)


[02b166:6002 + 02ec9e:6002] invincible...
action replay archive....{cartridge: same code}
This code works on both GENS & Sega Genesis.
ff802e:0000 lingering jumps
ffc276:0031 ALWAYS possess the chalet !!!! {ffc277 0031}
ffc201 ooo2 {play 1 scene from each level}
ffc200 0005 {start on level 6}

ff982a:0006 final level {ff982b ooo6}
ffe704:0008 always 8 seconds remain on clock
ffe705:0001 {infinite time}
ffe70d:0006 lives {ffe70c 0006}

dick tracy
fffd60:0008 lives {fffd61 ooo8}
fffd63:0005 energy {fffd62 ooo5}
fffdb2:fffe invincible {fffdb2 ooff}

dinosaurs for hire
ff2d7a:00ff {ff2d7b ooff-cartridge invinc. is alittle better}
ff64c9:0030 energy
ff64cb:0030 energy player 2?
ff70ec:0009 lives {ff70ed ooo6}
ff70ee:0006 lives PL 2 {ff70ef ooo6}

DJ boy
ffa189:0003 energy
ffa18a ooo3 {invincible--cartridge only}

ffee02:0000 multi jumps {ffee03 oooo}
note: on GENS version, the multi-jump causes freeze up
if used while changing scenes. thus, please turn code
off in between scenes
ffee08:1006 invincible !!
ffee42:00ee jump higher {ffee43 ooee}
ffee49:0002 start with the green plunger, yes, the green plunger.
ffee4b:00ee slow jumps ! {ffee4a:00ee} dave's favorite code.
ff8f34:0009 +
ff8f66:0002 +
ff8f92:0040 all 3 codes combined-final level WITH 'B' weapon

doom troopers
ff06be:0008 energy {ff06bf ooo8}
ff06ea:00f0 invincible after 1st hit {ff06eb 00f0}
ff0054:0006 ammo.

double dragon 3
ff2342:0002 a very special sword {ff2343 0002}
ff23a3:0002 invincible {ff23a2 ooo2} Note: please die in level
1-2. thank you.
ff245d:0002 player 2 invincible {ff245c ooo2}

dracula--bram stroker
ff096e:0004 energy {ff096f ooo6}

dynamite duke
fff300:0005 final level {fff301 0005}
fff302:0020 alot of "D" power {fff303 oo30}
fff304:0002 ammo {fff305 ooo2}
fff382:0004/8 a very powerful weapon {fff383 ooo8}
fff382:0001 MY favorite weapon
fff30c:0038 ENERGY {fff30d oo38}
at title, put curser on options, press "C" 10 times.

dynamite headdy
ffd200:001a energy {ffd201 oofo}
ffd202:00f0 blinks invincible {ffd203 oofo-cartridge,doesn't blink}
ffe8fe:0006 Level select menu! {ffe8ff 0006}
note: on GENS version, go to options and toggle the
joy options. in game, press 'c' to jump


earth defense
ff05e600ff + invincible
ff05c90005 +
ff05e800xx levels
Important note: "earth defense" codes work only on Game wizard. Not for AR pro or Gens !

ecco the dolphin
ffa61d:0002 stage 3 {ffa61c ooo2} until stage 4
ffb835:0005 air {ffb636 ooo6}
ffb634:0024 energy {ffb635 oo24}

el viento
ffab3b:0027 energy
note: to advance levels, pause game, then up-left-right-down-"B"

elemental master
001ec8:6002 energy (from the action replay archive)

ffa4ab:0004 invincible {ffa4aa ooo4}
ffa4b0:0005 energy {ffa4af ooo5}
fffe06:000b see the ending after stage one {fffeo5 ooob}
yes, you can alter this code to find other stages.

ffff28:0010 energy {ffff29 oo10}
ffff3a:0008 lives {ffff39 ooo8}
ffd1ef:00ff invincible {ffd1f0 ooff}

eternal champions
ffacaa:0030 flow meter never goes down {ffacab 0030}
ffabee:0070 energy, player 1 {ffabef 0070}
ffacac:0030 the mystery code

ff0c3e:0004 + invincible
ff038a:00f0 +
{ff0c3f ooo4 + ff038b oofo + ff03e3 oooo}
Note: I cannot seem to get this game to work on GEN version 180 or higher
perhaps, exodus is only compatible with ver. 178 GENS or lower.


fantastic dizzy
ff8112:0000 all stars collected. {ff8113 oooo}
ff8138:0000 INVINCIBLE {ff8139 oooo}
ff8148:0004 lives {ff8149 ooo4}

fantasia---starring mickey mouse *************
005d54:103c +
005d58:4e71 invincible---from the action replay archives
ff0799:0003 final level {ff0798 ooo3}
ff07e6:0000 controllable mega jumps !!
ff0859:00ff score big.... very useful code.

fatal labrynth
ff911d:00ff check it out, the enemies never strike back
ff9410:0050 energy
ff9412 oooo {totally invincible, cartridge only}
ff9414:0019 +
ff9423:0007 when you walk upstairs to level 2, you will
actually be on final level {ff9413oo19+ff9422ooo7}

fatal rewind
028980:4e71 take infinite hits, from the action replay archive.
I display this code because: virtually NO action
replay codes work on the GENS emulator. and the
few that do, you should be aware of which are
proven to work.
ffe005:00ff the goo never rises. {ffe004 ooff}
ffe020:0005 lives
ffe416:0003 start on my favorite level.

fire shark
ff041c:0080 invincible
ff0424:0008 start with laser

ff014e:0003 start on level 4
ff2f28:0001 invincible
ff0154:0004 lives

football-joe montana football
ffc6ce:0001 always 1st down {ffc6cf ooo1}
ffcf66:0003 start in the Super Bowl, when you choose
play-offs. {ffcf67 0003}

football-joe montana 2
ff88ba:0003 4th quarter {ff88bb ooo3}
ff88c4:0001 1st down
ff801e:0013 start in the SUPER BOWL ! choose league, new
season. {ff801f oo13}
ff801f ooo4 { play in the snow. must press reset first.}
{cartridge users only}

football-john madden 92
ffdco8:0001 1st down {ffdc09 ooo1}
ffe880:0003 4th quarter {ffe881 ooo3}
ffe93a:0003 start in the Super Bowl, when you choose new
playoffs.. {ffe39b ooo3}

football- john madden 93
ffe0f0:0003 start in the 4th quarter {ffeoef ooo3}
ffe1aa:0003 SUPER BOWL , choose new playoffs {ffe1a9 ooo3}

football madden 94
ffdc7e:0001 1st down {ffdc7f ooo1}

football madden 95
ffdca2:0004 always 4th down, computer must punt
{ffdca3 ooo4}

football-madden 96
ffdc16:0001 1st down {ffdc17 ooo1}

football-madden 98
ffd776:0001 1st down {ffd777 ooo1}

football-mutant league
ffe1e7:0003 start in the super bowl , choose playoffs at
options. {ffe1e6 ooo3}
fff4f1:0009 infinite time on playclock {fff4f0 ooo9}
fffd52:0001 1st down {fffd53 ooo1}
fffd5a:0003 time outs {fffd5b ooo3}
note- some of the above codes work better on
2 player games.
fffd5f:0002 check this out,,,,turbo charged running.
when you have ball, simply press "C" twice.

football-NFL quarterback club **
ff2da6:0001 1st down {ff2da7 ooo1}

football--pro Quarterback
ff0b42:0003 4th quarter

ff0179 ooee {avoid the rush, sorry, cartridge users only}
ff0162:0003 4th quarter {ff0163 ooo3}
ff018e:0001 1st down {ff018f ooo1}
ff0190:0000 weird, get 1st down, even if you lose yardage
ff0179 oooo weird, lots of fumbles
ff0191:0070 weird, computer can never get 1st down.
lst and long.... 1st and 115 yards to go.
ff01ec:0000 weird, computer always throws to the ground
ff0228:00ff SUPER KICKING ABILITY. KICK field goals from
65 yards out. {ff0229 ooff}

ff33d4:0003 when switch is up, it's 4th down
ff33d5:0003 4th quarter {ff33d4 ooo3}

football- tecmo super bowl 3------excellent
ff35de:0003 4th down {ff35df ooo3}
ff35de:0000 1st down
ff803a ooo6 {mystery code, cartridge users only}

football-troy aikman
ff05e8:0001 1st down {ffo5e9 ooo4}

football--walsh college FB
(not walsh 95}
ffdc68:0001 1st down {ffdc69 ooo1}
ffe704:0003 + start in the CHAMPIONSHIP !
ffe706:0000 (choose season) {ffe705ooo3+ffe70......}

football-NFL 93 j.montana
ff8030:0013 SUPER BOWL (choose league) {cart ff8031 oo13}
ff8c82:0004 4th quarter {ff8c7f ooo4}
ff8c8c:0001 infinite downs. use it, man! {ff8c89 ooo1}

football-NFL 94 JMontana
ff8c88:0004 4th quarter {ff8c89 ooo4}
ff8c92:0001 1st down {ff8c93 0001}

football-NFL 95 -JM
ff2e0c:0001 1st down

football-NFL 98
ff2a90:0001 1st down {ff2a91 ooo1}

forgotten worlds
ff10f7:00ff invincible
ff1109:0030 +
ff1a47:0030 health

fun n games
ff1afa:0003 weird, level skip until you turn code off
ff1AF8:0003 lives. All codes, for mouse maze


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